On Friday December 1st, I got the chance to talk with the new indie-pop trio lovelytheband about their debut EP, everything i could never say…, how they came together and how lovelytheband is unique from their previous bands and projects. lovelytheband is made up of Mitchy Collins on vocals, Sam Price on drums, and Jordan Greenwald on guitar.

Just to start us off, what’s everyone’s musical background and how did y’all meet and form lovelytheband?

Mitchy: I’ve been creating music since I was a kid, being in and out of bands all of my life. Fast forward a little bit I started writing and producing for people. Started another project that saw some success (Oh Honey). Lovelytheband was just kind of like an idea in my head and more of like an outlet to get some music out that didn’t really fit with the project I was doing prior. Over the course of a year or so and as the songs started to come together I thought ‘oh maybe this should be bigger than just an idea’ and I put more thought into it. As the songs were getting tightened up and ready to get finished I met Jordan a year or so I was ready to launch the project. He played in another band I was friends with and I showed him the songs. I knew I didn’t want to do the solo thing because I had done that before and it got pretty lonely, so I asked Jordan and he was in. We met Sam through a mutual friend and asked if he wanted to give it a shot and now we’re here.

Jordan: I started playing guitar when I was 6-7 years old and grew up in a music loving family, I went to school for music, moved back to LA from Nashville to play for a few bands where I met Mitchy through and he showed me these songs and I knew instantly right when I heard the music me and Mitch clicked and we knew we had something special.

Sam: I’ve been playing music my whole life, born into a musical family and went to school for music, playing drums the whole time. After school it was just like supporting other artists and other stuff. I got hooked up with Mitchy through a friend and been kickin’ it with him ever since.

Going off of what you mentioned Mitchy about how you’ve been in different bands and had a solo career: were there any big reasons why you wanted this to be separate from your other works and become lovelytheband?

Mitchy: The songs were just so different and band leaning. I knew I didn’t want it to be a solo career thing because it gets lonely. There’s no camaraderie there, you know, or “we’re in it together,” its just kind of like you and the dudes you pay and not as much fun.

I totally feel you on that. In previous interviews and press, you’ve mentioned how this EP contains some of your most personal works that you’ve written and released, which after hearing it I can tell. Do you see future releases from lovelytheband being very personal?

Mitchy: Yeah, these songs were not held back at all on this. I was really able to say what I needed to say and I wasn’t really put in a box, or you know, have any limitations and… I plan on keeping it like that in the future for sure.

Are there any other big differences between lovelytheband and your past works and projects?

Mitchy: Yeah, it’s more of a band and –

Jordan: It’s very musically different

Mitchy: Yeah, its musically different, a bit more alternative, way more guitar driven and a little bit of electronic in there as well.

Sam: I care about it way more. I normally don’t get nervous before I have to perform, but every show with lovely I get the pre stage… throw-ups (rest of the band laughs) because of how much I care about it.

Jordan: I think that just being apart of a band and the music you’re putting out to people, seeing their reactions every night on stage is just definitely way more personal.

The EP has a very upbeat vibe, but the lyrics are very personal and not as upbeat as the music, to say the least. Was that combination of the upbeat music and more serious lyrics intentional, or did it just happen?

Mitchy: Definitely just happened like that, man. We kinda just fell into it. It definitely wasn’t planned, with the position of the lyrics and the music; it just sorta turned out that way.

Y’all are on tour with The Wrecks and Brick and Mortar this winter – how did that come together, did you know either of the bands before the tour and how has it been so far?

Sam: We had our first date of the tour last night in Detroit, it was a lot of fun – a big kickoff. We got hooked up on the tour because we’re on the same label as The Wrecks. They heard our music and invited us out and we’re excited for a good tour.

Great to hear. Speaking of labels, what has the experience been so far working with RED Music, one of Sony’s newest labels?

Sam: It’s been great. We got signed with them via Don Robertson and he’s been awesome, really supportive and you know, the passion he’s shown the band so far has been different than any other label I’ve personally been a part of. It’s nice to be involved with everyone over there and the passion everyone has.

A little bit more of a fun question – what’s your favorite sandwich?

Collectively: oh shit.

Mitchy: I’m from New Jersey, and we have these things called fat sandwiches. It’s basically a heart attack in a bun. I just re-discovered my love with them because they opened a place called Fat Sal’s with them in LA and I’ve re-kindled my love with them. It’s a roll, with buffalo chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, French fries and mozzarella cheese.

Jordan: Mine would be the steak BLT at Mendocino Farms, I don’t know if y’all have them in Texas, with their secret sauce and on a toasted pretzel bun. It’s wonderful in my stomach after I eat it.

Sam: For nostalgic reasons, my dad used to make this sandwich –

Mitchy: A big mac? (All laugh)

Sam: It was two pieces of bread, bologna, mayo and mustard and Fritos. He would pan fry the bologna and I’d pick it for the nostalgic reasons.

Those all sound really good. Thanks so much for hopping on the phone with me and answering my questions – really looking forward to a full-length album from y’all.

Mitchy: Of course man.

Jordan: Totally.