Bummer Vacation

Fort Worth indie rock band took a new approach to their music for this acoustic Pseudo Stereo

“El Duende”
“Sun Mud”

It seems only right to end Pseudo Stereo’s first year where it all began: in the student media office where Radio UTD broadcasts and hangs out with UTD TV, The Mercury, and AMP and where I first approached management with an idea for an acoustic video series to promote DFW musicians. Paul Hernandez from Bummer Vacation’s performance really encapsulates my whole vision for the project and we have to give him big kudos for it. Not only did he come play for us during his few days of rest during his tour with Blue October but he developed this new approach to his band’s music in the early hours of the morning before we filmed. Layering the sound of the acoustic guitar with the sound run through his pedal board, the stripped down rendering of Bummer Vacation’s songs bring a new grittiness and meaning to the music.

Thank you to everyone for supporting Psuedo Stereo and Radio UTD in 2017! We’ll have some exclusive content coming at you soon as a Christmas present then we’ll be back in the new year with a whole new lineup of amazing artists, which we’re excited to share with you. In the meantime, check out Paul and the three other members of Bummer Vacation in shows all over DFW. There’s bound to be one near you soon.


Local Music Director, Folk Ain't a Joke