“$20.00 NO WHINING” read the label on the merch table for !!!’s album on vinyl. The brand new Shake the Shut Up white label EP was only $15.00, so copping that was a must. There’s even enough time to run it back to the car before the band even comes on. Why not!

The setup was dense and seemingly small compared to the robust sound !!! was able to create. Nic Off and the band’s assisting female vocalist stood posed in sync for a choreographed opening routine. As soon as the beat drop on “The One 2“, the two spun out and made a flurry of hands and seductive faces reacting to the music. The iconic thud of bass string plucks from guitarist Mario Andreoni and Rafael Cohen on songs like “All U Writers” filled the room and prompted insane dancing – no room or time for warm up. The audience got the message and it only got more live from there.

The set boasted great duet numbers from Shake the Shudder such as “Dancing Is the Best Revenge” and “NRGQ” – full rhythm sections forced Nic Offer all around the stage and sweat to fling off his hair repeatedly. The newest album’s pop qualities blend well into the jam-sesh-turned-soulful-workout tunes, working well for the group who demonstrate their tenacity to move.

Audience members fervently jumped to the beats, arms stretched out and singing along to many of the tunes, but all eyes were glued to Nic Offer as he thrusted his pelvis, swung his arms, vogued and brooded. He clambered off the stage and on top of the bar to continue this, dodging the incendescent bulbs hanging to his waist height from where he stood.

!!! @ Three Links, 9/24/17
Rafael Cohen (left) and Dan Gorman (right) manning guitar and synth respectively.
!!! @ Three Links, 9/24/17
!!!’s accompanying vocalist doses the set with soulful flares and fantastic range.

To say the least, he’s very difficult to photograph because he’s always in motion. The only chance of a still moment was when he stops to lick the floor monitor or pose for effect.

The show ended at around the tenth song with the unmatched “Slyd.” The band members manning instruments seemed all too cool compared to the now-drenched Offer and the comparably sweaty audience. It’s without a doubt a pleasure and good-fun to have !!! in Dallas, the only problem was that it wasn’t a weekend to keep the party going.

!!! @ Three Links, 9/24/17
Nic Offer stands posed with disco finger in anticipation for the next breakdown.