Real Estate has been touring the country for their new record In Mind. The new record is a move away from the lo-fi sound they pioneered and subsequently became part of late 2000s’ indie rock canon. They visited Dallas’ South Side Music Hall with their regional touring partner harpist Mary Lattimore.

Mary Lattimore’s thirty minute set was a brief introduction to her range of influences. Between tracks, she shared the story behind each song. Her minimalist setup consisted of her harp and a track recorder for looping. The chit-chat of the crowd floated below the soothing, audible tracks of Lattimore’s compositions.

Real Estate went up on stage bright and early at 10pm. They opened up with the single “Darling.” The band played tracks from their entire discography. The new record with its new sound blended in well with their ‘old’ sound. Their old material felt rejuvenated by the coalition of songs from In Mind. Some of the songs from the new record sounded better live and improved personal appreciation. The final number off the new record “Saturday” was one of the highlights of the performance.

The band’s charm was also on display. While Martin Courtney was switching between his six and twelve strings, bassist Alex Bleeker entertained the crowd with some funny riffs. After a loud, overwhelming request for an encore the band came out and performed “The Bend” and “Crime” off the record Atlas.

Real Estate, along with Mary Lattimore, put on a generic indie rock bill to its full effect. It was a great show for fans of either artists.