Dirty Dishes and Soft Fangs

The New York indie and lo-fi projects hung out with us at the Love Jack for a stripped down acoustic session

“Red Roulette” – Dirty Dishes
“Sugarblood” – Soft Fangs
“Get a Job” – Soft Fangs

Dirty Dishes and Soft Fangs stopped by our humble campus on their way back home to New York from SXSW. While Dirty Dishes is usually boasts full band, fuzzy, shoegaze-leaning indie rock instrumentation, singer and guitarist Jenny Tuite sat down solo for an acoustic interpretation of “Red Roulette.” Soft Fangs, the introspective lo-fi project of John Lutkevich, performed two stripped down versions of songs from his recent split EP with Bellows and his 2016 album The Light.  – Savannah Sherer, Station Manager