If unique were compiled into any artist that has sat across from Brooke and Josh, co-hosts of the show Red Dirt Radio, it would be Tyler Dixson. With a bright red beard and RadioUTD shades on while playing, he strummed out songs from his Living Simply EP, such as “Pawn Shop Piece of Mind” and “Lion’s Mane.” While on air, Dixson spoke about his experiences in college, what’s in the cup and his professed love for UT.

When he first entered the studio, he stood tall alongside his trusty six-string which he proudly proclaimed was a Martin. He mentioned almost immediately that he started playing at the moldable age of 13 years old on a Yamaha, every beginner guitarist’s first acoustic instrument. Dixson then described the meaningful work he placed behind his first release. All songs were written by him with the meaning being original to experiences in his life. For example, “Pawn Shop Peace of Mind” was formulated when he was 17 years old and rummaging a friend’s pawn shop out in his hometown of Granbury, Texas just south of Fort Worth. As he was playing on a guitar he found among the treasures of what once was, a woman detailed to seem ragged and mysterious sat down alongside him and began to play. The two initiated an impromptu jam session that lasted for a multitude of time with all the aspects of a small sided-gig including a cheering audience, captive listeners, and synchronized duets. Seems far-fetched but this was a true to life story for Dixson that spurred his hit song.

As the afternoon continued, Dixson described the difficulty found behind maintaining a full time job while continuing his music career. In order to fund this, he works as a daytime sales person for a company that sells equipment to football teams across the state. This employment position spurs from a long-time love for the pig-skinned game that continued into his collegiate years at East Trinity Community College where he played for the team on an athletic scholarship. Little did he know his path at the time would dramatically change from college football star to up-and-coming Red Dirt artist playing venues across the North Texas Metroplex.

Carrying the personality of an entertainer, we were left in studio with one final notion regarding the regularly asked: “What’s in the cup?” In order to grasp the styles of different performers, it is generally noted within the country music scene that you can identify how “real” a singer is depending on the strength of the alcohol they consume on stage. Immediately, he looked up and without hesitation said Kentucky whiskey.

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