Oaktopia Fest, taking place September 22-24 in Downtown Denton, is well on its way to being a music festival to be reckoned with in the North Texas area. Not only is Oaktopia bringing a wide range of artists spanning from hip-hop, jazz, and indie-rock, but it also features plenty of non-music activities for those that prefer to sit back. 3 days of endless music, comedy, fashion, and food has our RadioUTD staff daydreaming and planning our weekend schedule, here are so,e of the acts we are looking forward to:

Tele Novella // Thursday, 10:00-10:45 @ PAAC
Local Texans Tele Novella, never take themselves too seriously and always know how to have a good time. Hailing from Austin, TX, this psych-pop outfit is offering infectious grooves taken straight out of your favorite fever dream. Front-woman Natalie Ribbons provides your ears with some sumptuous and gritty vocals atop of psychedelic bass lines and wet drums.

Criminal Birds // Thursday 10:00-10:45 @ Dan’s Silverleaf
Criminal Birds, a local Denton band, will be taking the stage at Dan’s Silverleaf. Their music is part lush guitars, part anthemic and infectious melodies, and overall perfect companion to the lead singer’s unique voice. Tracks like “Wait”, off of their self-titled EP, as well as “Electric Limbs” off of Fizzy Water, which was released in 2015, are bound to  captivate audience members with their extended jam out sessions will surely translate well onto a live and intimate setting. After different incarnations of the band, Criminal Birds feel like they have finally found their grounding, their chemistry and passion for the craft is evident throughout their EP’s. While their debut full length album is not set to be released until 2017 Oaktopia attendees are in for a treat to hold them over until then.

White Denim // Friday, 4:00-5:00 @ Travelstead Stage
Austin’s White Denim have made the trek northward to kick things off Friday night at the Travelstead Stage. The band’s influences are all over the map with elements of soul, blues, and punk peppering their heavily layered sound. They boast a hefty discography, so be prepared for a jam-packed set full of old and new tunes. Always groovy and never boring, expect to kick off your Friday night dancing to some of Texas’ very own.

Wavves // Friday, 6:00-7:00 @ UNT Stage
Riding on the coattails of their most recent release V, their fifth studio album, Wavves continue to provide music for your wild, youthful escapades. Wavves have delivered anthems for our woeful youth with brash guitars and melancholic lyrics. Visceral and tastefully immature, Wavves will be supplying your Saturday night with some easy going surf-rock vibes. Come prepared to mosh, Wavves’s high energy performances are a guarantee for a gnarly pit.

O.T. Genasis // Friday 8:00-9:00 @ The UNT Stage
Odis Oliver Flores, better known as O.T. Genasis, is an Atlanta born rapper by way of Long Beach, California. While he has come to prominence recently with tracks like “Coco”, he’s a long time veteran who’s been in the game since 2011. Known for his insane live shows, which Busta Rhymes has described as “ferocious” and on a “seek-to-destroy-mission anytime he’s on the mic,” he will inevitably have the Oaktopia festival attendees hyped up. Genasis, who cites his influences as Snoop Dogg and Tupac features some of the sickest hooks all the while showcasing his versatile way of rhyming. Genasis has received accolades from heavy-hitters such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, The Game, and French Montana. Surely this is not the last time we will hear from O.T. Genasis.

Fun Button // Friday, 8:30-9:30 @ The Bearded Monk
Denton locals Fun Button play, as the name might suggest, a fun as hell set. Their bouncy, off-kilter brand of rock feels like the more refined interpretation of the pop punk we all grew up listening to. Last year, the trio played to a small-but-enthused crowd at the now defunct Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (RIP), but this year finds them at craft beer hangout The Bearded Monk. Check ‘em out to get a taste of what Denton’s local scene is all about.

Norah Jones // Friday 10:00-11:00 @ The UNT Stage
Norah Jones, the headliner of Friday’s schedule is back, a special and rare treat for fans as she is an alumni of the University of North Texas. With 9 Grammy’s under her belt and an astounding 26 million album sales on her debut, she is definitely a hometown hero to be celebrated. Jones is a seasoned veteran with 6 albums under her belt, as well collaborations with Keith Richards and Billie Joe Armstrong. Jones’ fusion of jazz, pop, blues, and country make her music palatable and enjoyable to both  critics and fans alike. Her silky and tender voice will surely be a treat under the vast Texas summer skies and a great way for festival goers to unwind after a long day of festing.

Pearl Earl // Friday, 11:00-11:45 @ Andy’s Bar
Described as “Rainbow fuzz power,” Pearl Earl ignites a bit of comedy and dazzling fun with a sound similar to that of Black Moth Super Rainbow. With tracks like “Karaoke Superstar” and “Cosmic Queen,” Pearl Earl yields all charisma and good summer vibes. This Denton band is on the works of finishing their debut album, so come out and (perhaps) sneak a peak of what this charming psychedelic trio has in store.

Lee Fields and the Expressions // Saturday, 4:00-5:00 @ The UNT Stage
Lee Fields along with his band are just pure smooth soul. It’s all genuine, passionate and down right get down music that showcases all but grooves. In “You’re the Kind of Girl”, he sings of true love and the richness in how Lee Fields uses his voice is as grand and mighty as true love itself. If you’re a fan of James Brown or Curtis Mayfield, look for this man that’ll be swooning everyone with his heartfelt tunes. Catch him serenading the UNT stage with sheer class.

Best Coast // Saturday, 9:00-10:00 @ West Stage
Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno, or otherwise known as Best Coast, have been showcasing lofi indie surf rock bops with hooks for days since ’09. With three albums under their belt about psychological inertia, sporadic angst and Bethany’s love for the sunshine state that is California, Best Coast captures the messiness and haziness that relationships ultimately flop to. The everyday emotions of so many different things and people just keep piling up, and Best Coast gets you on that with how much of a bummer it can be. So why don’t you just chill out? It’s what Best Coast would what you to do.

Rae Sremmurd // Saturday, 10:00-11:00 @ The UNT Stage
Mississippi duo Rae Sremmurd balance out the rather indie rock-leaning lineup with their brash, energetic brand of trap. Even if you don’t recognize the pair by name, you’re bound to have heard their massive Billboard charting hits “No Flex Zone” and “Come Get Her” in some Vine or another. Their set is sure to be a blast and a memorable way to bring the festival to a close on Saturday night. Get ready to get hype.

Dark Rooms // Saturday, 11:00-11:45 @ PAAC
Bold, ethereal and atmospheric are just a few words on can use to describe Local Dentonites, Dark Rooms. Spacey vocals from frontman Daniel Hart can supply with you with enough angst for a lifetime. He is also a talented violinist, you can’t get more emo than that. Fresh off the heels of their new self-titled LP, Dark Rooms is sure to be swooning the audience with hypnotizing synths. The album is a swirling wave of depression that crashes over its listeners enveloping them into sinfully lush sonic lanscape.