Mulit-instrumentalist and good vibes ambassador, Kurt Vile, lets his roots show with his 2015 album b’lieve i’m goin down… Pitchfork described Vile and his albums as something that draws you in with “the vibe, but you return to them for their human qualities… His tossed-off musings on b’lieve i’m goin down remind you that every sage worth a damn knew that life was absurdly funny and tragic simultaneously.” Vile has been critically acclaimed while keeping his eclectic persuasions throughout his extensive discography.

Kurt Vile will also be  joined by fellow Pennsylvania natives, Purling Hiss, at The Granada this April 16th, and it’s gonna be a fun one. Enter below to get a chance to win tickets to the show presented by KXT, The Granada Theater, and Transmission Events.

#WINTIX: Kurt Vile @ Granada, 4/16

Tickets are still available here.