Tunes inspired by toons! Stay Tooned is a technicolor sonic journey through the world of animation, from current favorites (Soul, The Midnight Gospel) to nostalgic classics (Ghibli, King of the Hill). You’ll hear some music from the work itself, but you’ll also get plenty of cool new tracks that share a similar sensibility or theme. Heartfelt indie rock, spacey soul, and eerie psychedelia are just a few of the genres you might hear in any given ep. In between sets, you’ll hear dialogue clips from the animation as well as context for those who haven’t seen it yet. Turn on and toon in.

Streaming Thursdays from 3PM-6PM

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Daniel (He/Him) is a senior Visual & Performing Arts major as well as the Programming Director for this here station. In addition to his RadioUTD duties, he’s also interned with SiriusXM and Central Track! He’s not actually a duck but don’t tell him that. Check him out on Twitter and Instagram!

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