Deep, pulsing psychedelic sounds wash through your neighborhood, hypnotizing all in their way. Every citizen of the suburb are starting to act strange, rockin’ out on every street corner and dancing the nights away. There can only be one organization responsible… THE SUBURBAN SORCERERS!!! Every hour the sound grows louder… and what can you do?? Put together a ragtag team of your close friends to fight the psych??? You better hurry- the sorcerers just announced a full world takeover to occur in the next THREE HOURS! They will be broadcasting their psychedelic plans at 12pm on Friday, starting out slow but getting more intense as time goes on. By 3pm they will have taken over- so tune in to find out how you can save the world!

Streaming Mondays from 3PM-6PM

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Tyler is a senior Geoscience major as well as the Blog Editor for RadioUTD (I designed this page and wrote all of this.. hah hah hah..). Together him and Isabel adopted a beautiful skink named Cheeseburger who, someday, will grow stronger and more powerful than either of them could imagine. Say hi to him at @tylerhormell on twitter and instagram!

Isabel is a senior neuroscience major and the music director here at Radio UTD. They love a big ol’ possum but then again, who doesn’t? You can follow them here on twitter and instagram!

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