Mercury Morning News

Sometimes, UTD is an open book — other times, it is a peculiar realm, brimming with mystery. What elusive secrets lie behind the Green Hall’s walls? What bizarre encounters have transpired at the Plinth? What baffling new policies has UTD implemented? Join Ayesha Asad for the Mercury Morning News, a radio show that covers the news around campus: the victories and losses of our sports teams, the perspective of UTD students on scholastic issues, the unforeseen hobbies of certain professors, and more. It’s UTD news — made just for you.

Streaming Fridays from 11AM-12PM

About the DJ:

IMG_2343 - Ayesha Asad
Ayesha Asad is a freshman Literature and Biology major with an eclectic variety of interests that include painting, cooking French onion soup, and writing poetry. She writes for The Mercury and enjoys fiddling with the various buttons on a DJ station. Check out her show for tidbits of what’s happening around UTD!