Forms – Systems Administrator

What does the Systems Administrator do?

  • Maintain the Linux server. It’s our webhost (Apache), data server (MySQL) and streaming audio server (SHOUTcast).
  • Maintain our other four computers. Our Windows computer encodes our audio for the streaming server; the other three are Mac consoles for the DJs and management team to use.
  • Maintain our website. Half of it is a WordPress blog; the other half is made up of custom-written PHP and Javascript, and this includes web-based administration panels for the DJs and management team to update the database so the sysadmin don’t have to.
  • Be responsible for all the studio hardware, including the mixer, CD players, turntables, equalizers, PA systems, microphones, cables, etc., and be available to answer DJs’ questions thereof.
  • Innovate and improve upon the system. The status quo is pretty okay – and you can simply maintain it if you want – but Radio UTD is on the up-and-up, and our systems should follow suit!
  • Desire to see the station grow and flourish!

Why should I apply?
The job is paid (though not terribly much). You’re respected and revered by the whole team, who will look upon you as if you can work magic. It’s also a terrific resume-builder, and all the other advantages of joining Radio UTD apply, such as having access to a dozen brand-new albums every week, free tickets to shows, and lots of new, musically-inclined friends that will expand your understanding of the musical soundscape. It’s also quite fulfilling to see your work helping to build Radio UTD’s reputation, listenership, and presence in the music industry.

Why shouldn’t I apply?
While we’d be glad of your application in any case, please think twice if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are not affiliated with UTD – you’ll need to be a student or staffer with a NetID to be able to get access to the computers
  • You are graduating or otherwise leaving UTD soon
  • You would be unwilling or unable to be accessible by phone or email most of the time – DJs will need to be able to contact you when they have trouble in the studio
  • You have little interest in music
  • You’re not too adept at PHP, JavaScript, SQL or Linux

How do I apply?
Still interested after all my caveats? Great! Please email me with the following:

  • Please put “Radio UTD Sysadmin” somewhere in the subject
  • Your general availability, both in the short term (for interviewing) and long term (for the job)
  • When you plan to graduate or otherwise leave UTD
  • Your areas of expertise
  • If you have a portfolio or examples of current work online, especially if you do web design, please include links
  • Why you feel you would be suitable for the job
  • Your resume, by attachment or link

Thank you! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

–Andrew (The Sysadmin)