Forms – Apply for DJ or Writer

DJ trainee applications for the Spring 2019 semester are through January 1st.
Blogger applications are open year-round.

Reasons to Join:

  • Community of music-minded folk!
  • Brand new albums every week!
  • Overall good times! (ft. In-Studios, Ticket Giveaways, and Dance Parties)
  • Resume builder!
  • Respect and admiration from peers!
  • It’s awesome; you’re awesome; we’re awesome together

We’re always looking for new DJs and bloggers!

And we’d love to receive an application from you! But please think twice if you identify with any of these:

  • You are not a UTD student, staff, or faculty (you must register with a UTD email address)
  • You want to play music that has been in the top 40 charts within the last decade, we are legally prohibited from playing it.
  • You’re not interested in expanding your musical horizons
  • You think Spoon, Radiohead, etc. are still “under the radar”
  • You like “every kind of music”
  • You plan to play nothing but Pink Floyd and the Foo Fighters, all show, every show
  • You plan to leave your fake nails in the studio
  • You can’t tell the difference between something that’s “Top 40” or otherwise “commercial radio” and something that’s college-radio friendly (actually, we can’t legally play Top 40 stuff)
  • You are anti-fun
  • You need a job that pays (unfortunately, this one does not)
  • You are a small, cute baby (no babies plzkthx)

Got it? Good. Here are the applications!

Interested in joining us as an audio tech? We’re looking for qualified audio techs to help us record and mix audio for our weekly Pseudo Stereo video series. Information about applying to be an audio tech can be found here.