Amanda Maceda
Station Manager

Hey there, hope you’re having fun exploring our website! I’m the current Station Manager at Radio UTD, previously the Programming Director last school year.  I joined Radio UTD my first semester, and have loved this organization ever since. I’ve been a DJ, cameraman, video editor for Pseudo Stereo, and even a lonesome desperado during my time here. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, especially when it comes to collaborations with other organizations on campus! Stay tuned, because we have a lot of projects and shows we can’t wait to share with y’all!

Daniel Valdez
Programming Director

Mic check! I’m the current Programming Director for Radio UTD and a senior majoring in Visual & Performing Arts. I put together our station’s eclectic on-air schedule, hire DJs and trainees, and help put together our station’s rad virtual events! I also host a show of my own called Stay Tooned, where I curate mixes inspired by my favorite animated films and TV shows. I’ve been with the station since freshman year and it singlehandedly has made my student loans worth it. Hit me up if you have any questions about becoming a DJ or talk show host, our shows in general, or just wanna talk tunes and toons!

Daniel Oglesby
Music Director

Yo yo! I’m Daniel, Radio UTD’s current music director! I’ve been with the station since I came to UTD 2 years ago. I love playing heavy music on my show *Rock and a Hard Place*. As Music Director my main job is talking to promoters from all over the country, compiling charts, and getting our DJs all the cool new music they could ever want! If you have music you would like to hear played on air, shoot me an email and I can help you out!

Jonathan Stewart
Local Music Director

Audio Wizard Dream Weaver Local Music Director Jonathan Stewart host of Skalk Show on Radio UTD at your service. Yes, that is my official title. If you or a loved one are in a band in the North Texas area and are interested in sharing your/their music, hit me up! Any inquires about recording a Pseudo Stereo (which is our live music recording series on YouTube) can be directed to my email. Same can be said if you just want to get your music on the radio waves.

Tyler Hormell
Blog Editor

As the current Blog Editor and architect of this here MGMT info page, it brings me great joy to welcome you to our RadioUTD domain. I am a UTD Senior as well as one of the rude boys that hosts SKALK SHOW!! If you have any particularly hot takes on music, love going to concerts, or want to let the world know what you thought of the latest releases- drop me a line! Our blog team is constantly growing and if you want to contribute or have any questions about the RadioUTD website send me an email!

Athena Shen
Promotions Manager

Hey there! I’m the current promotions manager of Radio UTD as well as the host for OFF 44. I make digital graphics, flyers, and post on all of the station’s social media pages for a variety of events and giveaways. If you have questions about our events or social media in general, feel free to shoot me an email!

Carla Lara
Remote DJ Coordinator

I’m the Remotes DJ Coordinator. I handle all remote events, so if you want to hire a DJ to play music for an organization on or off campus, send me an email.

We are a proud part of the UTDallas Student Media wing!
Studio Phone: 972.883.6305 / office: 972.883.6304
Snail Mail: The University of Texas at Dallas / Student Media-Radio UTD / 800 W. Campbell Rd., SU24 / Richardson TX 75080

Deja Rollins
Assistant Director of Student Media