Hey Cowboy

This female-powered band has taken the Texas music scene by storm in less than a year

“Feeling For”

I’ll set the stage for you: a dimly lit house. Me, on my phone, content and happy after seeing my friend’s first set be very well received in my other friend’s living room. I’m considering leaving, but I figure I’ll catch the rest of the bands, even if I don’t know them. Rounding out the night, three extremely cordial and obviously very good friends take their positions right in front of the coffee table I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons at a few times in the past. From the first drawn out note lazily playing from the synth, I’m on board.

Denton natives Hey Cowboy! are quickly establishing themselves as a local must-see despite being a band for less than a year, and with very good reason. Performing with a sound that I can only describe as lo-fi western psych dream pop, their amicability is matched only by the warmth of their vocals, invitingly layered over the lush drone of a bass, quick snare hits, and spacey synth notes. I think I’ve seen this wonderful trio perform around the DFW area more times than I’ve seen my own parents in the past few months. Despite that, I’ve yet to grow tired of their sets, and we were lucky enough that they brought that same friendly and excited energy to our very own studio to perform a few tracks for us over spring break. They released their first official EP The Soft Kind on the first day of the new year, which you can find on their bandcamp or on Spotify. I highly suggest you do. – Dawood Nadurath, Music Director