The Riverside

This Lift Off California folk band performed two new songs in the gazebo by the library

“Growing Old”

The Riverside’s sound brings together the joy found in friendships, classic folk instrumentation, and the wonders of modern technology with their unique Ear Trumpet microphone. The six piece band drove nonstop from California to play UT Dallas’s second ever Lift Off concert in early October, so we borrowed them for an hour to film this session at the gazebo near the McDermott Library. It’s a beautiful shaded area surrounded by lush greenery with a nearby creek which perfectly complements The Riverside’s harmonies and layered songs. Unluckily for the crew who had stand outside the gazebo, the day was hot and the sun beat down on us, making us regret our choice of black clothing. It also drained the batteries in our equipment so by the time we reached the last song of the session, we were down to one camera. Through our technical difficulties, the band stayed positive and spread their friendship with everyone present. Later on that night, they did the same for the whole crowd gathered on the Plinth to see their full length concert.

Check out more of The Riverside’s music and keep to to date on their upcoming album at their website and learn about our future Lift Off concerts at SUAAB’s website.


Local Music Director, Folk Ain't a Joke