When exploring new music, I am always especially reluctant when it comes to the indie pop variety. When many of my friends therefore gushed over COIN, I was unsure of what to expect from the Nashville-based group. Finally, I succumbed to peer pressure and begrudgingly pressed play on “Malibu 1992.” I have now seen 2 out of the 3 shows they have played in Dallas.

What makes COIN such a spectacular act is that they not only sold out their first headlining show in Dallas, but the rest of their Texas shows? Their brand is, in my opinion, what makes them successful. Not only do the beautiful neon visuals that accompany them at shows cater to the audience you might suspect they would attract (1975 fans, I’m looking at you), but their music does too. It is simple and energetic, yet memorable. The lead singer Chase Lawrence has a powerful stage presence, constantly interacting with the crowd and dancing with high energy through the entire show. If a pop keyboardist could in any sense be metal, Chase Lawrence is it. He is one with the keys- hip twists, wild hand gestures, and headbanging all while tinkling away creates an exciting show that will be sure to get you dancing.

At the beginning of the show, the sound on the keys and mic cut off during “Atlas,” but even that was not enough to stop the horde of passionate fans. A whole slew of people carried the song to completion, screaming the lyrics as sound techs scrambled to fix the issue. In return, the band played the song over from the start once the problem had been resolved as a thank you to the patient and energetic fans.

They played plenty of favorites from their newest album, including “You Talk Too Much”, “Don’t Cry, 2020”, and “Boyfriend”. After the show, nearly all of the concertgoers eagerly stationed themselves near the band’s trailer. Many took to exchanging memes via AirDrop – including one curious picture of some plush Teletubbies watching the show- and enjoying the general sense of comradery. As the drummer and lead singer emerged, they seemed dumbfounded by the amount of fans desperate to snap a pic or get something signed. “This is unbelievable, I can’t even thank you all enough!” Chase says to the crowd- and, for once, I feel that he is an artist that genuinely does feel and appreciate the love. You can see in his face that he adores every second of the love, and he dishes it out to his fans equally, hugging them and having genuine conversations (including a confrontation on whether he had stolen my friend’s haircut from a previous meeting. I’m onto you, Chase).

COIN had previously played at UTD for Springapalooza- if you didn’t catch them then, you absolutely must drag yourself out to see them. Not only are they an unforgettable, incredibly fun show, but you get the sense that they truly care about their fans. So, I get it, pop may not exactly be your scene… but they’re worth the change. Trust me on this one.

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