You’re reading the first installment of RadioUTD’s bi-weekly local music news feature. Give yourself a pat on the back. Update your twitter bio. You’re well on your way to becoming a part of the DFW area’s thriving music scene. RadioUTD promotes tons of up and coming bands from around the world, though nothing is more important than lifting up the artists that are living and working around us. Our local music scene is hotter than ever. New venues seem to be opening up every month; new bands are starting up each and every day. The local music trifecta (Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton) is churning out fresh artists that are constantly making moves in our city and around the country. Keep your eyes on our blog, and your ears on our tuner, and pray you’ll be able to keep up.

New Releases

the thrill of living

Mimisiku — The Thrill of Living

This one’s been long-awaited. All the DIY punks in Denton who frequented Macaroni Island (RIP) already know the words to this thing front to back, because Mimisiku plays so often (and was also quite generous with a mediafire link). This is one of those notorious Denton bands that shares members with a million other Denton bands, including, most notably, both members of the well-loved mathy-emo duo Two Knights. The Thrill of Living was put out by Count Your Lucky Stars Records, a home for emo bands run by the husband and wife behind Empire! Empire! I Was A Lonely Estate, so you know it’s in good hands— especially for a debut album. Mimisiku’s delivery has a little aggression, with crunchy, fast-paced rhythms and expressive vocal work, but they soften things up with warm and familiar keyboard tones. The lyrics are personal, charming, and poignant; all things you can count on from a Parker Lawson band. You’ll be singing along in your car, but not without contemplating the intricacies of every relationship in your life. This is the sort of dynamic, emotional album that would have been extremely formative in my youth — not only musically, but ideologically as well — and I would have never grown out of it.

Stream The Thrill of Living here.
RIYL: The Promise Ring, Jimmy Eat World, Two Knights, Texas is the Reason
Genre: Emo-Punk


William Austin Clay — WAC® Premium

William Austin Clay was part of the dreamy indie-pop group Blessin’, who were well-known participants in the Denton DIY scene for a little while. Although Blessin’ have sadly called it quits, Clay is very much alive and well: pumping out breezy lo-fi jams, hit after hit.

WAC® Premium is Clay’s second full length LP. Not much has changed sound-wise since his last LP Never Looking Back Again, Ever”WAC® Premium is a strange and groovy experience that is distinctly Clay’s. In music scenes dominated by generic sounding “indie” artists, it’s hard to find artists that truly bring something new and raw to the table. That’s where Clay comes in. He describes his music as “non-idiomatic”: not within the natural physical constraints of the human body and the instrument. This confusing description is a perfect introduction into the weird, original, and humorous world of William Austin Clay. On WAC® Premium, Clay demonstrates extremely crafty songwriting– pumping out 10 undeniably catchy tunes. Between the somehow smooth (yet choppy) bass lines, relaxed vocals, introspective lyrics, and layers of jangly guitars, Clay captures a DIY vibe reminiscent of bedroom pop darlings like R. Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink. Clay has said that his lyrics are the least important part of his music. He works towards creating a specific sound, and in turn a feeling– sometimes chaotic, sometimes confusing, but always interesting. Seriously, give this one a listen.

Stream WAC® Premium Here.
RIYL: Mac Demarco, Ariel Pink, John Maus, Alex Calder
Genre: Bedroom Pop, Lo-fi

Upcoming Shows 2/22 – 3/7

Local artists are orange. Click links to see the Facebook events for more info.

2/23     Edhochuli, Flesh Born, Bighand//Bigknife

@ Gatsby’s Mansion     Punk/Stoner Metal

2/25     Blind Dog, Beta Boys, The Deacons, Ignis Gratis, Ritalin OD, Smear, The Noids

@ 1912 Club     Punk/Hardcore

2/26     Pinkish Black, Aztec Death, iill, Death Stairs, DJ Matt Haag of Cold Cuts

@ Double Wide     Post-Punk/Experimental

2/26     Missing Sibling, Bad Times, Wirewings, Monk Children

@ Crown and Harp     Noise Pop/Post-Punk

2/27 Women For Rock Showcase 2016: Sudie, Bonnie Whitmore, + more

@ Lola’s Saloon     Various Genres

2/27     Bone Wizzard, Shmu, Dome Dwellers, Armzilla

@ Rubber Gloves     Sludge Metal/Experimental/Indie Rock

3/2     Flesh Born, Creeping Death, Orcanaut, Black Sea

@ Rubber Gloves     Metal/Hardcore

3/4     Nervous Curtains, The Cush

@ The Foundry     Post-Punk/Psych Rock

3/4     Sam Lao, 88Killa, Blue The Misfit

@ RBC     Hip-Hop

3/5     Narrow Head, Clear Acid, Youth Pool, Walking Misery, Out of Bloom, Tremble Out

@ J&J’s     Shoegaze/Math Rock/Punk

3/5     Hate Your Friends, Basketball Shorts, Mean Girls, Vampyre, Mimisiku

@ Gatsby’s Mansion     Emo Punk/Pop Punk

3/5     bare mountain, IINY, Golden Triangle, Orenda, Sexual Jeremy, The Hymens

@ The cOoompound     Experimental/Punk